Do more for us, Highways England says the FTA

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Driving across the UK is a challenge at the best of times. Given the state of roads, the time taken for incidents/roadworks to cleared and diversions, Highways England is not always seen as considerate towards the logistics industry.

The Freight Transport Authority (FTA), commented on the recent Transport Focus survey, which identified clear shortcomings in Highways England’s approach to roads maintenance, and decreasing levels of satisfaction from those using the road network.

The FTA’s Head of UK Policy, Christopher Snelling, said:

“While the survey shows some positive indicators, of concerns are the core areas which must be improved. This includes delays in opening roads swiftly following an incident or in sharing adequate information on real time road updates. With the UK’s roads set to receive £30bn in funding, as announced in this week’s Budget, FTA is asking Highway England to take urgent action to address the common concerns facing logistics businesses.

“The logistics industry is the beating heart of the UK economy. For it to continue to operate effectively, it needs a road network fully maintained and adapted to meet the needs of logistics businesses. With key areas of improvement identified in this report, and the benefit of a funding boost, FTA hopes Highway England carefully listens to this feedback and takes urgent action to rectify the problems which are stifling the efficient movement of goods and services by the UK’s logistics industry.”

The highest level of dissatisfaction was found in Accident/Incident Management and Road Surface Conditions. Which is to be expected as the knock on effect for our drivers mean – delays – something no-one needs in their daily business.

Hopefully Highways England will take on board the results of the survey and focus how they can assist the logistics industry to keep Britain driving.

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