How Highways England aims to improve our motorway journeys

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Highways England has signed a deal with 11 contractors from across the country, so it ensure resurfacing can be done in a quicker timescale.

Smoothing out the process of resurfacing

During the next 4 years, Highways England will not need to undertake the the usual process of tender and then assessing the bids for the resurfacing of our roads. The deal means that the project can be assigned to any of the 11 contractors to undertake, without any delay. So any resurfacing project should be completed much quicker.

Nick Harris, Executive Director of Operations at Highways England said:

“We know that drivers want and deserve good quality, safe roads which is why since 2015 when Highways England was created we have replaced more than 4,400 miles of road surface.

“This new arrangement will help us tackle uneven road surfaces faster, in a more cost effective and efficient way – keeping journeys safer and offering smoother journeys for the millions of drivers who use our roads every day.”


The RHA’s Rod McKenzie, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, added that:

“Roads are our place of work, and there’s been a chronic underinvestment in motorways across the UK for years: this is encouraging, but we will want to see that the money is spent well and quickly.”

We look forward to smoother roads, in swifter times!

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