Agility required in logistics & transport post-Brexit says sector expert

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That’s the advice from leading KPMG expert, Stuart Sewell. There have been many changes in the way the transport and logistics sector operates in response to innovation in manufacturing, and retail supply chains.

Mr Sewell who is Director and transport & logistics lead at KPMG in the Midlands, stated:

“The Midlands is rightly still seen as the national hub of the transport and logistics industry. Indeed, the last two decades have seen companies in our region refine their approach to their customers in the retail and manufacturing sectors to provide highly efficient and high quality service.”

This high quality service is what customers have all come to expect for any delivery regardless of whether it is either at an international or domestic level. And especially for ‘last-mile’ providers to keep customers informed of when their shipment will arrive.

So, the industry having sorted this requirement for fulfilment, the prospect of Brexit with bring even more challenges for most transport and logistics firms within the sector.
Mr Sewell continued:

“Every supply chain is different, of course, and the world post-March 2019 will provide some unique challenges. Logistics is all about getting something from A to B and Brexit will mean that companies operating in the sector will need to be more agile than ever. I believe that the challenges facing the industry can and will overcome any complexity caused, and this in turn creates an opportunity.”

So rather than dreading post-March 2019 there are and will be opportunities for those who are agile enough to rise to the challenge. In this case The Bigfoot Group look forward to our future growth.




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